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Events in and around Mallacoota

Welcome to Mallacoota, a picturesque town located in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. This idyllic town is situated on the coast and has an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife. The town is home to a vast variety of seasonal events that are sure to excite and entertain visitors of all ages.

The following are some of the best seasonal events and activities that are not to be missed in Mallacoota:

1. Mallacoota Arts Council Festival
The Mallacoota Arts Council Festival is an annual event that happens in October. The festival brings together local artists to showcase their works. The festival features art exhibitions, live music performances, and dance performances. The festival is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the artistic talent that is found in the town.

2. Mallacoota Cup
The Mallacoota Cup is an annual fishing competition that takes place in November. The competition attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over Australia who are looking to catch the big one. The competition is open to all ages and features a range of categories for different types of fish.

3. Summer Carnival
The Summer Carnival takes place every December and is a fun-filled event for the whole family. The carnival features carnival games, amusement rides, and food stalls. Visitors can enjoy a day of fun and excitement on the rides and games, and sample some of the delicious treats on offer.

4. Whale watching
Between June and October, whales migrate along the coast of Victoria. Mallacoota is an ideal spot to watch these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Visitors can take a whale watching boat tour that will take them out to see the whales up close.

5. Birdwatching
Mallacoota is home to a variety of birds, making it an ideal location for birdwatching. Visitors can take a guided birdwatching tour that will take them through the town's nature reserves and parks. The tours are an opportunity to see a range of bird species and learn about their habitats.

6. Surfing
Mallacoota is a popular destination for surfers due to its excellent surf breaks. The town has several surf schools that offer lessons for beginners and advanced surfers. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of catching a wave while taking in the beautiful coastal scenery.

7. Fishing Tours
Mallacoota is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, and visitors can take guided fishing tours to catch some of the regional species. The tours cater to all levels of experience, and visitors can learn about the best fishing locations and techniques.

Contact Details:
For more information about these exciting seasonal events and activities, visitors can contact the Mallacoota Visitor Information Centre on (03) 51 56 9181. The centre is located at the intersection of the Monaro Highway and Maurice Avenue. The friendly staff can provide visitors with detailed information about each event and assist with bookings.